Coast Import is known for its inventory of rare vintage car parts as well as parts for newer import cars.

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Coast Import Auto Wrecking, located on Mitchell Island, has over 50 years of specialized auto wrecking experience. It is an amalgamation of two auto wrecking companies, English Auto Wrecking and Pat’s British Auto Parts.

 Coast Import is well known for its inventory of older classic cars parts as well as parts for all the newer imports. Having such a long history in the auto wrecking business, you never know what rare old “impossible to find car part” they might have for you. Vintage parts like switches, instrument clusters, radios, carburetors, grills, bumpers, head lights, tail lights, trim, mirrors, steering wheels, doors, fenders and more.

 Richard Johns and Ed Tretwold, owner/operators of Coast Import, have a lifetime of business experience buying damaged cars, cataloging and selling the parts. They run a very environmentally conscious business, extreme care is taken when dismantling cars, all parts are drained of any hazardous materials,and cleaned. Every part comes with a 120-day guarantee.